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We have a culture of professionalism, innovation, and partnership.

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At Monch Group, we have a culture of professionalism, innovation, and partnership. We identified the market need for end-to-end Software Solutions, Network Services and Consulting for Healthcare, Government agencies, Managed Service Providers and Technology Partners., with an expert team of Healthcare gurus, IT professionals, network engineers and project managers we deliver uncompromisable performance, which our family of clients takes tremendous pride in our continued relationship.

Healthcare Services


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Software Solutions


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Big Data Analytics

Advanced Analytics with complex applications for predictive modeling, statistical algorithms and outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence

Automation, delivery and augment human capabilities.

Cloud Technology

Secure, store and access data 24/7.

Machine Learning

Learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.


Predictive Analytics

Data mining statistics, and expertize to make predictions about the future outcomes.


BOT Technology

Robotic process automation.


What our clients are saying?

Monch Group will help you do what you do best, and that's getting back to helping people.

Jason W.NY, USA

I think they are very attentive, they pay close attention to accounts and they are always looking & proactive in finding opportunity. We don't have to have to point accounts out to them.

Mark E.MD, USA

They are responsive and available to meet our needs. They facilitate and coordinate our needs between the various departments, communicate effectively and anticipate needs.

Emily R.CA, USA

Viu is user-friendly and easy for your clients to use too.

Alex P

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